Tell us about your bin day

    What will happen to the information I submit?

    All information submitted will be reviewed by Catherine McKeag, Citizen Engagement Manager at the National Assembly for Wales. The information will then be analysed and presented to the Committee as a Summary of Engagement Report. This may take the form of a written documents, visuals or a film. The report will be published. To receive updates about the progress of this inquiry, please click the [STAY INFORMED] button on the top right hand side of this page.

    How does what I say help the inquiry?

    The committee have already heard from stakeholders, organisations in this sector and have planned a trip to see where waste goes. However it’s important that the people of Wales are also able to feed in their personal experiences. This will be of value to the Committee members and their inquiry as they suggest suitable recommendations for Welsh Government to act on. 

    What does the Committee already know?

    The Committee have listened to experts in this sector. You can watch the witness interviews on play back on Senedd.TV and written consultations will be published at a later stage.

    In summary, the Committee has already found out:

    ·  Some councils are still reliant on landfill but some have been working harder to recycle more of the materials they collect

    ·  Recycling is on the up in Wales and methods are more consistent

    ·  There is more emphasis needed on waste prevention 

    What does the Committee want to know from you?

    The platforms created will walk you through the process of submitting information. Here are some of the questions we would like you to focus on answering;

    ·  Do you know where your waste goes after you put it in the bin?

    ·  Would better information on what is recyclable help you to recycle more?

    ·  Are you able to recycle more now than you could several years ago?

    ·  Would you describe your collection and information about recycling  as consistent?

    ·  Should there be less single use plastic from the moment you buy items in a shop or online?

    ·  Do you use plastic free shops, or would you if there were more available?

    How can I find out more about recycling and waste management in my area?

    There are many websites where you can access information including,, Or you can contact your local authority individually. Here’s one website that offers a directory to each local authority,